Water Resources

Water Resources of Newton County Georgia

The Newton County Water System is a wholesale provider of water. Water is treated at the Cornish Creek Water Treatment Facility located at Lake Roy Varner and at the Williams Street Water Treatment Facility located in downtown Covington. 


From the Cornish Creek Water Treatment Facility drinking water is pumped through an intricate distribution system to 9 wholesale customers which in turn distribute, and retail the water to the consumer.

  • The Alcovy Shores Water Authority
  • The City of Covington
  • The City of Mansfield
  • The City of Newborn
  • The City of Oxford
  • The City of Porterdale
  • The Jasper County Water and Sewer Authority
  • The Newton County Water and Sewerage Authority
  • The Walton County B.O.C.

The Cornish Creek Water Treatment Facility houses the Newton County Water Resources departmental offices, water quality lab, Lake Varner Park office, and maintenance divisions.